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You have business processes that are difficult, unique, or do not fit in an off-the-shelf application. We solve those problems and provide integration into your existing systems.

Electronic Data Interchange

Automating the enterprise.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the preferred way for most companies to exchange business data. It helps reduce errors and improves efficiency between partners. More and more companies are requiring their suppliers and/or customers to become EDI compliant in order to help trim costs associated with doing business.

Smaller companies can have a hard time getting started with an EDI solution due to the costs of integration and staffing needs, and implementing EDI can be expensive and time consuming.

Kwixas can assist in making this transition as painless as possible. We’ve worked with businesses, clearing houses, insurance companies, and other types of organizations to help with their data translation needs. We can take your data in any format, convert it to whatever format is required, and transmit it via required methods (FTP, AS2, SFTP, Etc.).

Get your head in the Cloud

Rapid, flexible, and effective business solutions.

Get out of the IT business. By moving your IT infrastructure to a cloud based data center solution you can gain several competitive advantages:

  • Reduce capital investments.
  • Avoid equipment obsolescence.
  • Rent software licensing and stay current.
  • Expand and contract your IT infrastructure at the speed of business.
  • Improve uptime and expand disaster recovery options.
  • Decrease the pain of business moves.

Focus on your business and leave the IT distractions behind.


Kwixas is a group of professionals with experience in delivering solutions to complex business technology problems. A mixture of seasoned senior leadership, senior developers, and new technologies and perspectives means Kwixas has the right stuff to bring success to your business in today's challenging environment.

Your business applications should communicate just like your people. Consider some of the advantages of application integration:

  • Minimize dual entry of information - save labor, time, and cost
  • Reduce the opportunity for mistakes - get more accurate information
  • Preserve the investment in your existing systems - but leverage new technology
  • Consolidate data for better anaylitics - turn data into actual information

We provide the tools for you to perform essential business functions and let you focus on the important things that make your product or service unique. Your web site, mobile devices, and other business systems working together will add tremendous value to your bottom line results.

Mobile Apps

Extending the enterprise.

We can help you run your business from a web portal and/or mobile devices.

Our approach of creating a custom portal and delivering Software as a Service to your organization not only provides countless benefits, it also provides the opportunity to extend important functionality to your people on their mobile device.

Do you need to know how your sales are going today?

Does your field service technician need to know up-to-date pricing and valuable customer information?
Do you want to take immediate payments at the time of service in the field?

Consider the possibilities of customized mobile applications in your business:

  • Key indicators and dashboards to keep you informed of business performance
  • Reduce or eliminate paperwork by gathering data using tablets
  • Know more about your customer and create a better relationship
  • Gather customer email addresses for electronic receipt delivery
  • Generate documents from data instead of keying in data from paper documents
  • Add flexibility for handling changes in service calls
  • Improve overall organizational communication and effectiveness

There are many more possibilities. What can you imagine? Just as social media has had a major impact on business, we believe the mobile enterprise will be a key component of future business success.

Software as a Service

Customized and integrated.

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software delivery model whereby software and its associated data are hosted (Internet/cloud) and accessed by users via a web browser or mobile device.

The concept of SaaS became mainstream when executives were fed up with the rising costs of purchasing, maintaining, and implementing packaged software and all of the supporting infrastructure. Consider the total costs of traditional software:

  • Equipment
  • Server and client access licenses
  • Upgrades
  • Database and client access licenses
  • Consulting & support
  • Annual renewals and maintenance
  • Private communication lines
  • Network consulting & support
  • Network upgrades and maintenance


A typical SaaS vendor offers a one-size-fits-all solution. The underlying code is the same for all customers and cannot be customized. In addition, SaaS systems do not normally integrate with existing systems. Your data may not be readily available.


Kwixas can build you a custom SaaS solution hosted on the Kwixas platform and provide integration into your existing systems that can accommodate it. Your data can be automatically delivered to you at your discretion. Consider the benefits:

  • Provide a better customer experience
  • Enjoy long term cost savings and increased productivity
  • Replace IT support costs with investment
  • Keep your system in a secure, redundant data center facility
  • Deliver upgrades immediately to all your users
  • Decrease your networking costs across multiple locations
  • Increase your organization's efficiency

Experience counts

Add vision to your strategy

Kwixas is a Boise based software development and hosting company. We have been focusing on custom Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud computing concepts for over a decade. The savings and increased efficiencies associated with our approach can be tremendous, and our focus is to help you get there.

Our group has experience in multiple industries including healthcare, engineering, service based, technology, government, and call centers just to name a few. More importantly, we understand business and focus on solutions that deliver bottom line results.

Core Purpose

To create software that simplifies and solves problems.

Core Values

Passion in what we do. Integrity in doing it. Entreprenurial spirit.

Mission Statement

To create web and mobile applications that provide exceptional value and success to our clients.

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